jadi ceritanya gw lagi ga ada kerjaan karena insomnia tiba-tiba abis minum panadol.
gw lalu mengoprek-oprek file gw di laptop. bukan, gw bukan nyari bokep.
lalu gw menemukan file di bawah ini. gw lupa kapan dan dalam rangka apa gw nulis ini, yang pasti ini file uda lama banget.*lebay*
trus gw pengen ngepost ini di blog gw.

pleasure turns to pain
a lesson I’ve learned from a strength of a question burnt in my brain
about what love is
this thought like salmon
swimming up in tears stream to your deceit
fighting a current hurt that kills more than it`s created by the chaos of our twine emotion
chaotic because the anchor of Eros` arrows has been plowed from the vessel of my own eternal enamored
separation is not as simple as a distance between us
my mind no longer possessed by the demon that have been overseen my slavery to your lies
the seed of this lie root so deep that cracked the foundation of what we were share
allow the faith on my heart to gush out like a river
ripping the imagine of our future together from my thoughts
as violently and as brutally as a child that being taken from his mother hands
I’m alone surrounded by darkness
but i refuse to be swallowed by
my loneliness like a night wind
invisible to the eye, obvious to the touch
in it`s cold of uncomfortableness
if i got to do all over again
i do in the same scene on me
to let down and let love die?
just stay down in a love lie?
no, no. not me
i`ll stay around and let love fly
even though I’ve seen the darkest form of a deceit
Nothing else can taste this warm or feel this sweet

kalo ada grammar yang salah atau kata-kata yg salah, itu bukan ketidaksengajaan, tapi emang karena gw tolol. haha.
yu dadah babay