Just a few moments ago, while i'm doing something to please my self-no, not that kind of activity-I realized something i saw today.
i saw this old man, poor old man, in front of a mini market just finished his job : collecting crap from around my area. actually i've seen this old man a couple times with a same pale looking walk heavily with his small body. I always thought how miserable and boring his life was. it's like there's nothing like what Will Smith said in one of his movie, a "Happyness".
but today i saw that old man smiling, not to me, but to a simple thing in front of him. what could possibly make this old fellow smile, not only a smile, but a little laugh came out his lips?
eventually, he smile to a cat, a poor cat just like him, playing with a poor dying little cockroach.
i know it's a very unimportant thing, but he looked so damn excited. a little too much i might say. but still, put yourself in his position. and you'll get what i've been saying.

and then i said to myself, hey, there's something that can make us smile and laugh. no matter how miserable and desperate we are. there's always a small thing that can make such a hard thing to happen while we're on a great pressure: smiling.