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i'm not good at writing down any emotional feelings.



By Ardy

oh, i've been so busy this month, this semester to be exact!


By Ardy

to quote The Clash;

-Should I go, or should I rock the Casbah?-


a little thing

By Ardy

Just a few moments ago, while i'm doing something to please my self-no, not that kind of activity-I realized something i saw today.
i saw this old man, poor old man, in front of a mini market just finished his job : collecting crap from around my area. actually i've seen this old man a couple times with a same pale looking walk heavily with his small body. I always thought how miserable and boring his life was. it's like there's nothing like what Will Smith said in one of his movie, a "Happyness".
but today i saw that old man smiling, not to me, but to a simple thing in front of him. what could possibly make this old fellow smile, not only a smile, but a little laugh came out his lips?
eventually, he smile to a cat, a poor cat just like him, playing with a poor dying little cockroach.
i know it's a very unimportant thing, but he looked so damn excited. a little too much i might say. but still, put yourself in his position. and you'll get what i've been saying.

and then i said to myself, hey, there's something that can make us smile and laugh. no matter how miserable and desperate we are. there's always a small thing that can make such a hard thing to happen while we're on a great pressure: smiling.


udah pada tau kan soal beberapa lagu indo yang NJIPLAK lagu luar ?

gw beberapa hari lalu mendownload semua lagu yang disinyalir*tsahh*NJIPLAK lagu2 terkenal.
contoh :
D massiv - Dilema ama Muse - Soldier's Poem.
Aura Kasih - lupa judulnya ama Sean Paul - lupa juga judulnya.
dan beberapa lagu lagi yang gw males nulisnya.

lagu d massiv yang paling plek NJIPLAK nya. maaf ya bagi penggemar setia d massiv.
kalo di dengerin, itu keliatan banget kalo d massiv tinggal ngeganti liriknya. sisanya sama semua.

waduh, kenapa pada NJIPLAK sih ya ?

eniwei, perbendaharaan gw akan lagu-lagu najis masa kini bertambah.
kenapa ? karena orang sebelah kamar kost gw setiap hari muter lagu-lagu najis masa kini yang sering ada di dashyat ama inbox.
bener-bener dah, gw heran kenapa cowo keker jantan gitu bukannya dengerin lagu hard rock, screamo atau metal sekalian tp malah dengerin pinkan mambo.
memang bener kata temen gw.
"muka sangar ga menjamin selera musik"


Insomnia sucks

By Ardy

i've got to tell you.
insomnia sucks.


It's me, again!

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Dear all,

i know it's been a long time, too long for some people, since i wrote in this awesome blog. i know it's hard for those who continuously watch this blog, waiting in a tremendous hopes that he/she would fine my latest, awesome journey. i'm sorry that i may let you down or, for some people, cried your eyes out from a starve to read my story. my awesome story.

and now, i pronounce to you all, my fellow admirer, that i, Effardy Effendy, will back into this world. the world where i can tell my awesome story, and you can read my with joy upon your face.

when Elvis awesomely said "Elvis has left the building".
i shall say, "Effardy, has just back to the building".

good day to you all.